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TLC invites you to shape the future of e-learning

TLC invites you to shape the future of e-learning

As the Teaching & Learning Conference enters its 9th year, Blackboard is once again giving you, as a user of either Blackboard Learn or Moodle rooms, the opportunity to address over 400 of your peers with your experiences and innovations.

Over the years, TLC has attracted many talented presenters, representing institutions from across Europe, who have shared their learnings and best practise experiences. Next year TLC will be focused towards forward thinking, and you are being invited to share your most recent innovations, and how you will be using the advances in technology as you look to the future to best support your learners.

Your views and innovations will open up conversation with the Blackboard Learning team, as well as with other institutions on how technology will be best used to shape future strategy and development within the e-learning environment.

As a presenter, you will benefit from discounted entry off full event tickets, while you will be influencing and enhancing learning across other institutions, and shaping the future of e-learning around the world.

Please visit the speakers page for more information on how to take part in TLC and submit your synopsis by Monday 29th January 2018. If your presentation is successful, you will be informed during February 2018.



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